Hearing Aid Styles

Receiver in the Ear

(RITE) hearing aids are a major step forward in function and design. They sit on top of the ear with a thin wire that slips into the canal. The sound then transmits from the receiver within the canal. The major benefits of this system are: Virtually invisible, Very comfortable, Directional microphones, Reliable, Wide fitting range, up to a severe hearing loss. Ideal for a high frequency hearing loss.

Completely in the Canal


The newest, smallest hearing aids, these are custom-made to fit deeply inside your ear canal so that they are practically invisible.

Receiver-in-the-ear (RITE)


This uses a tiny speaker in the ear canal to deliver a more natural sound and less occlusion (block ear feeling) than a traditional BTE aid.

In The Ear


These fit snugly in the concha bowl and are best for clients with dexterity problems or larger hearing losses.

In The Canal


These are custom-made hearing aids made to fit within the external ear. They are the most widely recommended style.

Behind The Ear


These fit snugly behind the ear and are attached to a custom earpiece moulded to the shape of your external ear.

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