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Starkey Hearing Technologies is much more than the hearing aids they produce. They are in the business of connecting people and changing lives. They believe being able to hear the world and the people around us is as essential to the human experience as breathing.

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Introducing Livio™ AI from Starkey, the world’s first hearing aid that tracks brain and body health using integrated sensors and artificial intelligence.

An Impressive Leap Forward in Hearing Aids

The much-awaited Livio AI from Starkey has now been launched and they have been a bit of a smash hit in the tech world. The premise of the devices represents a great leap forward for hearing aid technology.

A New Use Case

The Livio AI presents users with a completely new use case for hearing aids. A merging of different technology means that the device offers far more than just better hearing, it also offers a more holistic view of health and to a certain extent cognitive fitness. In the near future, it will also offer a feature that will allow caregivers or loved ones to monitor if an older user takes a fall.

The Big News A Hearing Aid That's a Health Tracker and More

The Livio AI is truly a multifunctional device that combines features from wireless headsets, fitness trackers and health apps, and finally, language translation programs. That's right, language translation. Oh, and it appears to be a very interesting hearing aid as well. The keys to all of this are a brand new chipset, an embedded sensor on the chipset and 2.4Ghz communication between the hearing aid and a smartphone. This allows the monitoring of movement and a deeper instantaneous communication between the hearing aids and a smartphone which has been leveraged to deliver real user benefits.

Health Monitoring With The Thrive App

The health monitoring element of the Livio AI is offered via the Thrive App. It offers two measurements that both deliver the possibility of a score of 100 points. It focuses on a Body score and a Brain score. The body score is calculated through a combination of activity, steps and overall movement. This information is tracked daily and accessed easily in the Thrive app.

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