Microsuction Ear Wax Removal

How Microsuction Works

Usually, microsuction does not even require pretreatment of ear drops. A fully qualified audiologist, will look into the ear canal through a binaural microscope (either fixed or with glasses) and, using a very fine suction device at low temperature, will safely remove the wax. We will take before and after photos of your ears so that you can be sure that your ears are completely clear.

Better than syringing, microsuction is the expert professional ear wax removal treatment. Microsuction is the safer more effective solution to having your ears unblocked. Emergency same day service for aural cerumen cleansing – even hard impacted wax.

About our Microsuction Clinic

We specialise in the micro suction technique of removing ear blockages. This is generally accepted to be the safest and most effective method and is completely syringe free with no need for weeks of softening with oil. The procedure commonly takes a few minutes for each ear. In some rare cases ear syringing can still be effective and some of our audiologists may still recommend and use this procedure where appropriate.

Only qualified audiologist and clinical ear care nurse specialists will help you to improve your hearing. Syringe free wax removal cleaning – a medical vacuum suction unit is used to safely de-wax your ears. Unblock your ears at one of our private micro suction clinics – you are in safe hands.

Convenient & Professional

Carried out at of our ear wax clinics at Spire Dunedin or in your home, we charge £50 for one ear wax removal and £80 for both ears. These can include home visits, charges will vary. There will be a video otoscopic examination before and after the procedure to show you the results. If the problem isn’t a blocked ear, then a hearing test may be carried out and/or referral advice may be given (£80). Ear Wax Removal from One Ear is £50 and Both Ears are £80 (unless otherwise stated)