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Privacy Policy

1. How we collect personal information

a) Email

When you send an email to the email address displayed on our website, we collect your email address and any other information you provide in that email (such as your name, telephone number and the information contained in any signature block in your email).

b) Phone

When you contact us by phone, we collect your phone number and any information provide to us during your conversation with us. We do not record phone calls.

c) Contact Form

When you contact us using our contact form, we collect the following information: your name, email address and any information you include in the message field. We also collect your company name if you provide it.

If you do not provide the mandatory information required by our contact form, you will not be able to submit the contact form and we will not receive your enquiry.

A tick box is included in each and every contact form on our websites – these tick boxes explain our privacy policy and are ticked as default for your consent. If you untick the box you will not be able to submit the contact form and we will NOT receive your enquiry.

d) Post

If you contact us by post, we will collect any information you provide to us in any postal communications you send us.

2. Newsletter

Traditionally Active Hearing added clients (all those who have had a hearing test) to our newsletter. Following the introduction of GDPR legislation we will invite such clients to approve being added to our mailing list to be kept up to date on the latest developments in hearing aid technology.

We do not market clients who have had other services such as ear wax removal or hearing protection.

The Active hearing newsletter is managed within Active Hearing; therefore no data is shared with any outside companies in this respect.

You can easily unsubscribe from receiving the newsletter by emailing to “info@active-hearing.com”.

3. Ear Wax Removals

We only keep the your name and signature of consent for the undertaking of the procedure. This information is held in a locked cabinet.

4. General Enquiries

We do not store data following general enquiries unless you agree to us passing your details onto an affiliate agent to provide more localised assistance to you. We only store your basic information for as long as is required for us to know you were looked after well.

5. How we protect your information

All patient information and paper audiograms are stored in locked storage cabinets. All patient data is backed up within a secure Iomega stand alone hard drive.

Only one employee has access to client information passed to Active Hearing.


GDPR regulations serve to better protect personal data and to ensure data is now used by consent.

Collection of data comes in several forms: Personal data is data that can identify someone (name, address etc) Essential online data (i.e. non-personal data that is required in order for our websites to work)

Non-essential online data (i.e. non-personal data such as cookie files that enhance website use).

YOU can withdraw consent for us to store and use any data at anytime. YOU can request a copy of information held on record (for a fee of £50 we will supply it). Personal data – Active Hearing uses and stores personal data to ensure you are looked after following a purchase. If you withdraw consent to store personal data we will most likely NOT be able to sustain aftercare. We have to keep some records by law (such as payment records).

Essential online data – Systems use some data in order to make our website work on your computer and for you to make payments online. You can block such data but this WILL hinder you using our website.

Non-Essential online data – Systems store data, such as cookie files, to make browsing a better experience. You can block such data being stored but this MAY hinder using our website.

If you make an enquiry or a purchase of goods or services: If you make an enquiry only – we will not store your personal data. If you are enquiring from outside our working area we may pass your details over to an affiliated business who may be able to provide more localised assistance to you, only with your permission.

Please note they will have their own privacy policy in place. Your records will only be kept for so long as is necessary to ensure you are looked after. You will not be marketed following general enquiries.

If you purchase a product of service – personal data will be stored to ensure we can look after you subsequently. Payment data may be stored in respect of card payments receipts as is required by law for 6 years. We will invite you to join our newsletter.

7. Sharing your information

In order to perform hearing test, deliver, service and maintain your hearing aid (the “Purpose”) We need your consent (the “consent”) to collect and process the following data about You: Name, address, phone number, date of birth, results from hearing test. Data can be transferred to the relevant hearing aid manufacturer in order for them to deliver, service and repair your hearing aid/s. The information that they typically receive is your audiogram (hearing test profile), hearing aid fitting and usage data. If hey are provided with contact information from Active Hearing such as name, address, phone number or email, they may use such information to communicate with You about delivery, questions, complaints, repair or service of your hearing aid/s.

We collect and process the personal data described above (“Your Data”) to achieve the purpose described above (“Purpose”) in this consent (“Consent”) on the following conditions: We collect and process Your Data on basis of Your consent, which constitutes a legal ground pursuant to article 9(2)(a) of GDPR. The recipients of Your Data are: The relevant hearing aid manufacturer of your chosen hearing aids.

Data Processors, such as IT-service providers and other companies providing services and they will only (i) get access on a need basis and (ii) use Your Data to achieve the Purpose. Governmental bodies, if required by law or applicable legislation.

As part of the processing Your Data may be transferred outside of EU. In such case this will happen on the basis of standard data protection clauses adopted by the EU Commission, cf. article 46 (2) (c) of GDPR. You may obtain more information about this by contacting Us. (see contact information below).

Your Data will be stored for as long as it is necessary to provide services in relation to your hearing aid, unless applicable law requires Us to delete it before or store it for a longer period of time.

Please be informed that you may withdraw Your Consent at any time, in which event We and the hearing aid supplier will cease processing Your Data and delete it (unless we are obligated to keep it). Withdrawal of Your Consent can be done by contacting Us and / or your hearing aid manufacturer direct.