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Due to major building works at Spire Dunedin hospital. I have moved my clinic and will be working from home.
This is a temporary move and will return to the hospital when the building work has been completed.

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We are leaving an hour between appointments to clean and ventilate the rooms.

4 Steps To Better Hearing

We can arrange a FREE home based hearing test at your convenience and give your hearing a thorough and professional assessment with no obligation whatsoever.
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Tell us your hearing loss story with no obligation whatsoever.

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Choose your new digital hearing aids from the latest technology.

The leading hearing aids brands

What is the best hearing aid brand? There are several leading brands to choose from.

Latest Ranges

Phonak Hearing Aids is a premium Swiss hearing aid company owned by Sonova.

  • Audeo B
  • Virto B
  • Bolero B
  • Naida V

Latest Ranges

Unitron is owned by Sonova. Unitron has always been a leader in producing great value hearing aids.

  • Tempus Moxi
  • Tempus Stride
  • Tempus Insera
  • Max

Latest Ranges

Starkey is an American hearing aid company that came to fame when Ronald Regan first wore their completely in the canal hearing aids.

  • Livio AI
  • Halo 2
  • Muse
  • SoundLens Synergy
GN Resound

Latest Ranges

GN ReSound is among the world’s largest manufacturers of hearing aids.

  • Quattro 3D
  • Linx 3D
  • Enzo 3D
  • Enya
Once you come to the decision that you need hearing aids, the choices can be overwhelming. Styles, colors, options, manufacturers...the list goes on and on. Your audiologist will help guide you through this process of choosing the right hearing aid to suit your needs.

Questions & Answers

1What happens afterwards?
We pride ourselves on our after care service and we are committed to provide all our clients with ongoing support, be it by supplying you with batteries, cleaning tools or by offering a ‘drop-in’ service to have your hearing aids checked, dehumidified, cleaned and sterilised, bringing them back to their best sound quality.

We recommend an annual check up, which will include a hearing test and if necessary the reprogramming of your hearing aids. Our main objective is that all our patients will continue to turn to us in future for all your Hearing needs.
2Why are hearing aids so expensive?
Research and development costs are ongoing, however a proportion of the amount you pay includes the consultation and the time we spend with you; our expertise to program your hearing aids achieving the most satisfactory results for your hearing needs and our outstanding, ongoing after care service, yet our entry level digital hearing aid start from £450. Given that your hearing aids combined with our aftercare and ongoing service will enable you to continue to enjoy one of natures’ most precious given senses, leaves you to decide on the value for money.
3Will I need a hearing aid?
The outcome is not inevitable that hearing aids are required but more often than not, hearing instruments are the remedy and they will vastly improve the quality of life for you and your family. Approach them with an open mind and you will be pleasantly surprised by how effective, comfortable and discrete they can be.
4What if I can't get on with them and I have paid all that money?
We want to ensure that you are satisfied with your hearing aids and in the unlikely event of you not getting used to them, we can offer you an alternative product on the same terms. Should you however not want to go any further we will take the hearing aids back and provide a refund, provided it is within 30 days of the fitting appointment. A small charge will be made to help cover administration and production cost’s.
4What happens after the hearing aids have been fitted?
Once the hearing devices have been fitted we will arrange a comprehensive after care program to make sure you get the best possible results with your new aids. It is important that they are comfortable and properly adjusted for sound and you are able to adapt to all the new sounds you will hear again. This after care process is the most essential part of obtaining the best results for you. This is particularly true of modern hearing aids, which will need to be adjusted in gradual steps.
5What happens at my first appointment?
Firstly we want to understand your hearing problem and the effect that it has on your life. We establish how your hearing problem occurred and determine whether your condition requires further medical investigation by your doctor. During this consultation all examinations and tests carried out are non-invasive and painless.

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